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Stephen is looking forward to filming the lead role of Stanley, in the feature film Stanley's Gig later this year when the pandemic allows

Ripples on the Water - Play

Stephen developed the monologue (mentioned below) into a five character play that was given a live rehearsed reading via Facebook and is now on YouTube. Click on this link to view




During the coronavirus lockdown Stephen has completed the script and music to

Star Rangers

Please click the tab above for synopsis and demo songs

Also during lockdown Stephen has also been part of Chichester Festival Theatre's Elders Company and his monologue "Ripples On The Water" can be found by clicking this link

Stephen recently played the role of The Governor in a new play

We Used To Play Together

Click on Gallery for production stills

Audience Reaction

An emotionally driven, great piece of theatre exploring toxic masculinity

A brilliant play with excellent directing and fabulous performances

A thought provoking piece with wit,comedy and poignancy

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